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newpokerbot’s goal

We want all poker players to be fully informed about the external factors affecting their game. Poker botting has risen significantly in recent years and it is now a common trap for unwitting poker players to find themselves grinding it out, against the odds, in bot-blitzed rooms. In these pages we want to arm you with the knowledge you need to ensure you get a fair game at the online tables.

Poker bots are out there

While the topic of poker botting remains a shady area, it is worth you knowing about botting technologies on the market, if only to give yourself a better chance of spotting them. For example, how much do you know about the increasingly popular Shanky bot? This bot, developed by Shanky Technologies, is made up of the Hold ‘Em bot and the Omaha bot, with obvious expertise in predicting the best possible plays in these two poker game variants. With their automated, 24/7 activity, they can grind it out all day and all night in the poker rooms to make their master’s a small fortune if they’re lucky enough. A smart, but totally unethical, cookie. In our pages, we’ll go into more depth about the Shanky bot and its counterparts so that you know exactly what you’re up against and how to avoid it.

Poker botting strategies

Knowing the technology is one thing, but if you take a closer look at botting strategy, they’re not all after the same thing. From table hopping strategy, designed to find the most profitable tables, to bonus hunting and rakeback strategies, these bots are designed to mercilessly hunt out the money. Take a look at our Pokerbot Strategy section to learn more about the end-game goals of people employing the services of pokerbots.

Bot-free poker

Once you’ve familiarised yourself with poker botting technology, we’re pretty sure you’ll be keen to avoid them. By that token, we’ve taken a look at the online poker rooms that have taken a strict stance on poker botting software. In these rooms, anyone caught running pokerbots will be immediately removed from the room. On the contrary, there are rooms specifically designed to support pokerbots that actively promote bot vs bot action. Those who enjoy the software design get to play here legitimately but clearly, these rooms are a minefield for the mere human. So make sure, you know the botting stance of any room you sign up to, to ensure you get the fairest game for you.

Poker Software – the good stuff!

At newpokerbot we’re not anti all poker software by any means. There are some really great software packages on the market that are designed to improve your game legitimately. We’re talking about the likes of PokerOffice software that gives you information about your own hands played, other players and general stats that allow you to analyse your proficiency at the tables and learn from it. Check out our Poker Software section for a run down on the best, legal poker software in the market currently.

Play like the pros

And of course, no poker site would be complete without an ode to the pros. Those canny individuals who have mastered the game without needing highly technical props to do it with. Learn more about playing great poker as it should be played by checking out the profiles and plays of some of poker’s greats. While they lead by example, we hope you can enjoy following in their footsteps and, with the help of our pages, play fair, bot-free poker as the poker founders intended it!

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